Autumn del Fierro, Ph.D.

The decision to start therapy can often be a significant one. "Goodness of fit" is an important part of this decision. My goal in therapy is to help you to feel better, to learn ways to actualize your full potential, and to be able to overcome barriers that get in the way of living a full and rewarding life. I use empirically-supported therapies which focus on strategies that have been shown through research to be effective in addressing various concerns. These strategies are used in a flexible manner to work best with your unique perspective based on your life experience, personality, and cultural considerations.

I tend to be an active therapist and will share with you my thoughts as we identify what strategies will work best for you. My areas of expertise include trauma/post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, life transitions, stress reduction and managing life's challenges, veteran populations/active duty service members.

I have extensive experience working with marginalized populations and welcome people with diverse ethnic/racial backgrounds and those who identify as LGBTQ or have varied gender expressions. My clients have described me as authentic, empathic, and engaged.

Autumn del Fierro
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Autumn del Fierro, Ph.D.
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10740 Meridian Ave N, Suite 110, Seattle, WA 98133
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Psychologist, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, DBT skills, Prolonged Exposure, Motivational Interviewing, trauma, depression, anxiety spectrum
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