Jeremy Grisham

Jeremy Grisham
Interim Counseling and Wellness Director
DVA Executive

Jeremy is a twelve-year, medically retired US Navy Hospital Corpsman and combat veteran having served most of their enlistment attached to Marine Corps units out of Camp Pendleton CA; many experiencing TBI.  After military service, Jeremy began working with the Veterans Conservation Corps (VCC) for YOUR Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs, where they first began through volunteerism, as student, contractor and then employee as a Program Specialist 4. 

Jeremy’s work with the VCC, focused on expanding an understanding of what ecotherapy means while increasing the spectrum of ecotherapy opportunities for veterans and the many important communities across Washington State.  Transitioning from the Veterans Conservation Corps, Jeremy worked towards becoming a clinical counselor, while working in community mental health where Jeremy allied with communities who are underrepresented, under resourced, and who face incredible internal and external pressures.  Through this experience, Jeremy developed a systemic understanding as to the origins of many forms of mental illness, and the substandard community response to someone who has been diagnosed as having mental illness.