Patrick McNabb

Patrick McNabb photo
Administrator of the Spokane Veterans Home
DVA Executive

Patrick McNabb was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada and raised in Lethbridge, Alberta.   Patrick is married to his wife, Audrey, together they have 7 children.  After serving a 2-year service mission in France, Bordeaux. Patrick started his career in the health profession in 1999 as an Emergency Medical Technician.  He was also involved in volunteering with St. John ambulance for local events and was involved with the Canadian Ski Patrol System. He worked as an EMT-A  in Alberta, Canada for 2 years prior going to Paramedic school at Brigham Young University – Idaho.  After completing his Associates degree he worked in Jerome, ID as a Paramedic for a year and then returned to Alberta, Canada.  Patrick worked full time on a local fire department, during his tenor he was promoted to Lieutenant and then to Captain.  He also served as a Peace Officer for the community.

Patrick wanted to advance his career and returned to Brigham Young University – Idaho to complete his bachelor’s degree in health science.  In 2012 an opportunity presented in home health administration in Utah.  After 4 years of success Patrick decided to enhance his career as a skilled nursing home administrator.  He has been very successful turning facilities around by improving the moral by showing his appreciation to the employees resulting in better resident outcomes.  Patrick is confident that by focusing on taking care of the residents and meeting their needs it will result in better quality of life.  This has been confirmed by improving the 5 star quality care of the facilities he has operated.

Patrick appreciates the men and women who have previously served and who currently serve in our armed forces and for the noble sacrifice for our freedom.  He is honored to serve the men, women and their families who have served our country.