Vet Corps Programs Makes a Difference in the Community - Now Recruiting

Vet Corp Recruitments are Open

Vet Corps is a program that uses peer-to-peer connections to assist in bridging the gaps between veterans and their families and available resources or benefits. Vet Corps members are trained to assist on college campuses or in community settings and support these organizations. They create welcoming, inclusive spaces that help veterans navigate higher education, get better connected to their local veterans community, and get connected to their earned benefits. 

“Being a Vet Corps member was a truly transformative experience. I wasn't just able to help other veterans navigate through their experience in the civilian world, I was able to work through and heal from my own experiences from serving.” - Vet Corps Alum

Vet Corps members are unique in their role because they are not limited to how they can best support those they serve. Vet Corps members take a holistic, or one-stop-shop, approach when serving their communities.  They address anything from personal issues such as accessing benefits or signing up for healthcare, to academic success, and even to career planning.

Becoming a Vet Corps member is transformative, healing, and a way to continue to give back to our community. Help inspire someone’s ‘Second Mission’ and help serve your community and your campus!