Veterans Transitional Housing Program

Contact Us

Monday - Friday 8:30-4:30

Delena Josephsen,
Cell:  (253) 263-0735
Evening: (253)259-0581
1301 Orting Kapowsin Hwy.
Orting, WA 98360

Port Orchard: 
William Brown
(360) 895-4371

Physical Address:
1141 Beach Drive East, Building 10
Port Orchard, WA 98366

Mailing Address:
Transitional Housing Program
PO BOX 8175
Port Orchard, WA 98366

How to Apply

Request a referral from the Federal VA Medical Center Homeless Liaison Officer at (253) 583-2825.

To Apply fill out both of the following:

Orting Veterans Village Contact Info

The Veterans Village is not operated by WDVA.  It is operated by Quixote Communities.  Please visit:  Or contact:

360-872-0079 or


FY 22-23

Enrolled - 221

Job Placements - 18

Housing Placements – 91

All data as of end of federal fiscal year 10-1-2022 – 9-30-2023

The Veterans Transitional Housing Program are located in Port Orchard and Orting, WA. 

Transitional housing facilities in Port Orchard and Orting help those in need with stable housing, vocational rehabilitation, and employment. Veterans are surrounded with staff and wrap-around services that lead to successful program completion and return to the community.

THP Transitional Housing


• Increased residential stability
• Greater self-determination
• Increased skill level and income potential


To participate in the program, veterans must:

  • Have served in any branch of the US Armed Forces
  • Have received an Honorable or General Under Honorable Discharge
    • (OTH discharged veterans are eligible on a case-by-case basis)
  • Been homeless for one or more nights
  • Desire to lead a clean and sober lifestyle
  • Desire to make meaningful life changes leading to independent living
  • Be willing to undergo criminal background check

Program Services

Case Management

Veterans collaborate with case managers to form an individualized case plan. Accountability, progress in achieving case plan goals, and abiding by program rules are program participation.


Van transporation is available for case management related appointments. The Port Orchard facility is also located on bus lines and is accessible by ferry from the Seattle area.

Women Veterans Wing and Building

The Women Veterans Wing at Orting provides  dedicated services for women veterans, including privacy and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide any nursing care?

No, clients must be able to take care of their ADL’s and manage their own medications.

Is there medical staff onsite?

THP does not employ medical staff at this time. This a non-medical facility and strictly used for transitional housing. The campus ground is shared with a nursing home which employs medical staff, but is not part of the Transitional Housing Program. 

Is there an income cap?

No, there is no income cap restrictions to eligibility.

Are there any charges/rent for staying there?

A program fee is charged dependent on individual income, the standard fee is 30% of income, not to exceed the fair market rate of the county. Program fees will vary per client as incomes may fluctuate.

What are the rooms like?

There are single and double (2 person) rooms. Rooms consist of a bed, nightstand, chest of drawers and a small closet.

Can I stay out overnight?

The GPD program has a nightly curfew of 11pm, exceptions for work or hospitalization can be authorized on a case-by-case basis.

Can I have pets?

Pets and/or emotional support animals are not permitted. We are ADA certified service animals compliant.

Are you located on a bus line?

The Building 10-Retsil campus is located on a bus line, but the Roosevelt Barracks-Orting campus does not currently have a bus line close-by. Both facilities have drivers that can transport residents to their medical appointments at American Lake VA and Seattle VA during the work week. Drivers will also transport clients to scheduled local appointments.

Can I have my car at the facility?

Yes, however the client must provide proof of a current, valid driver’s license, insurance, and the vehicle must be registered in the client’s name.

Can I bring my TV/furniture?

No outside furniture or appliances are allowed at this time. New clients are advised to keep belongings to essential clothing and hygiene items due to space restrictions. TV’s and desktop computers are not permitted. A laptop/tablet is allowed. There is a communal television area, and computer stations available to use.

Is there a laundry nearby?

Washers, dryers and laundry detergent is provided free of charge.

Can I get Wi-Fi connected in my room?

Free Wi-Fi is installed throughout the facility.

Are there AA/NA meetings available close by?

We are a clean and sober program and we highly encourage people to seek out support. Currently, Building 10 residents have a formed their own AA group held within the building and will continue to explore options for recovery.