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The Orting Veterans Farm cultivates thriving veteran farmers!

The Orting Veterans Farm, is situated on the WA State Department of Veterans Affairs' Soldiers Home campus in the Orting Valley. This is a place where veterans can lease fertile farmland, connect with and learn from other veteran farmers, attend trainings and workshops, and volunteer to grow food for the community. We have an onsite farm manager that guides and supports veterans in creating and attaining their agricultural goals. 

Veterans interested in leasing farmland at the Veterans Farm pay an annual fee of $25 for a quarter-acre plot or $50 for a half-acre plot, which includes access to irrigation, a community greenhouse, community tools, and cold storage. These resources allow the production of row crops, orchards, and small livestock farming. 

As part of the Veterans Conservation Corps, veteran-owned small businesses can receive assistance with grants. Partnerships with Enterprise for Equity (https://www.enterpriseforequity.org/) and Washington State University Cultivating Success (https://foodsystems.wsu.edu/cultivating-success/) provide added support to veterans seeking to start their own farming operation.

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