Airman Leadership School Complete Beautification Service Project at Washington Veterans Cemetery

ALS Service Project
ALS Group Photo


Recently, members of Airman Leadership School (ALS) Class 21-H completed a service project at the Washington State Veterans Cemetery.


Nineteen SrA and faculty members spent the afternoon working on cemetery beautification which included cleaning headstones, removing wilted floral arrangements, trimming trees & shrubs, and staining 2 arbors in the scatter garden.


Each ALS class is required to perform a service project that would benefit the local community. ALS Class 21-H selected the Veterans Cemetery following a project SrA Will Forsman had previously participated in. SrA Forsman gained approval from his fellow students and faculty and served as a liaison, coordinating details with the Cemetery.


WDVA would like to thank this group of Airmen for their selfless service benefiting all who use and visit the Cemetery.