Future Tri-Cities Cemetery

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Presentation (May 22, 2024 Town Hall)

Agency Overview Video

Washington Veterans Cemetery - Medical Lake, WA Video (KC Sealock, Videographer)


The Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs is interested in building a new State Veterans Cemetery in the Tri-Cities region.

The State Veteran Cemetery Program complements the Federal VA’s National Cemeteries by aiding states, territories, and federally recognized tribal governments in providing burial options in areas with too small a Veteran population for a National Cemetery. 

WDVA is looking for land that meets criteria laid out by the Federal VA State Cemetery Grants Program. Proposed sites will be considered based on several criteria, including access to public roadways, availability of utilities, and suitability of the land.  The agency is currently searching for 100 acres at the recommendation of the National Cemetery Association.

You can learn more about the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs at https://dva.wa.gov/ and find out more about the State Veterans Cemetery in Medical Lake at https://dva.wa.gov/veterans-service-members-and-their-families/cemetery.