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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Brain Injury Awareness Month

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The month-long campaign aims to educate people about the effects that living with a brain injury can have on the injured and their families. This time lends itself to outreach within the brain injury community to de-stigmatize the injury, empower those who have survived, and promote the many types of available support. The WDVA TBI program supports and represents every veteran in Washington State that has incurred a Brain Injury.

That means that we:

  • Provide one on one support Provide answers, resources, and referrals 
  • We are always looking to be a part of any discussion involving or affecting the veterans with Brain Injury in this state.
  • Support the groups and agencies that are out there doing great things for our vets by helping them get the word out through the Max Impact App. 
  • We are always looking to provide training and advice to any agency, group, summit, conference, etc. that wants to know more about how to help the brain-injured veteran.

The veteran community experiences brain injury at a much higher rate than that of their civilian counterparts. These injuries often go undetected and underreported because they do not appear “severe” enough to warrant treatment. The blast injury, for example, is considered the signature injury of OEF/OIF and can cause brain damage with symptoms such as light sensitivity, migraines, difficulty with emotions and memory and will increase the risk of substance abuse, homeless and suicide to name a few yet many vets are unaware they have even been injured from having experienced a blast.

Finally, Max Impact is a reliable back-pocket support system for veterans who experience challenges from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). Much like the role a service dog plays in the life of a veteran with PTSD or TBI, “Max” helps the user manage their symptoms, learn about TBI and connect with others to share and support one another. Max Impact allows users to check in with how they feel, pick a current challenge they might want to work on, and Max will guide them to resources that fit their needs. Max is a dependable companion to any veteran or caregiver living with TBI.

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