Message from the WDVA Director - WDVA Celebrates New NAC Training Program Graduates

Saluting Our Graduates – Earning While They're Learning

We are so excited to share news about the new NAC (Nursing Assistant Certified) Training Programs that are becoming available across the WDVA!  

WDVA took the question of What do we do when we don’t have enough NAC applicants to fill vacancies? and found a solution: train our own!  This new and creative approach to NAC recruitment means we’ll have new NACs who are trained from the very beginning in the WDVA Way.  The training is at no cost to the new NAC, and they are hired by WDVA as a NAR (Nursing Assistant Registered) where they spend time learning the basics while working on the floor with experienced WDVA NACs!  We are already seeing the result with a newly trained team of NACs who are ready to pitch in and serve alongside are other WDVA staff members!