Launch of New Veteran Owned Business Program Logo Reflects Agency's Commitment to Innovation and Community

VOB Logo

OLYMPIA, Wash. - We are thrilled to announce the unveiling of our new Veteran Owned Business Program logo, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing development of our agency's brand. The refreshed logo not only represents who we are today but also symbolizes our future as we continue to grow and evolve.

Over the past 16 years, our veteran owned business program has made tremendous strides, supporting and empowering veterans in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Recognizing the need for a change, we embarked on a journey to revitalize our logo, ensuring it remains identifiable and memorable. Our goal was to honor the hard work and dedication of the veteran community that contributed to its original design in 2007.

 The result is a modernized logo that embodies our unwavering commitment to improvement and innovation. It serves as a powerful symbol of the connection between our veterans, their businesses, and the wider community. By refreshing our logo, we aim to reinforce our dedication to supporting and uplifting veteran entrepreneurs, while also signaling our agency's forward-thinking approach.

The new logo features a contemporary design that captures the essence of our program's mission. It incorporates elements that pay homage to the veteran community's efforts, while also embracing a fresh and dynamic aesthetic. Through this visual representation, we hope to inspire and motivate veterans to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams, knowing that they have a strong support system behind them.

 As we launch our new logo, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities to veteran-owned businesses. We are excited about the future of our program and the positive impact it will continue to have on the lives of veterans and their communities.

 For more information about our Veteran Owned Business Program and to view our new logo, please visit our website Veteran Owned Businesses | WDVA (

 Certified Veteran Owned Businesses can request a window decal with the new logo by sending their address to with the subject “Decal Request."