Message from the Director - April Veteran Voices

David Puente

Your WDVA is thrilled to announce that the application process for the Suicide Prevention Community Based Services Grant is now open. This grant opportunity aims to support peer support models that utilize evidence-based, research-based, and/or promising practices in suicide prevention.

Ideal candidates for this grant are encouraged to visit the Suicide Prevention Resource Center's website for more information on Culturally Competent Approaches

The grant application request can be accessed through the following link: Suicide Prevention Community Based Services Grant Application Request

We are excited to share this grant opportunity with community providers. By offering grant funding focused on peer support, we hope to help build resilient communities that are prepared to provide support and resources before a Veteran, service member, or family member reaches a crisis point.

The selected non-profit organization will be awarded a $11,000 grant to further their efforts in implementing effective suicide prevention initiatives. To receive the Application Packet, interested applicants must complete the Request form. The application timeline is as follows:

- March 26 – April 8: Solicitation Period
- April 9 – April 26: Evaluation Period
- April 27 – May 6: Award Period
- Inaugural Grant Awarded: No Later Than May 10, 2024

WDVA encourages all eligible non-profit organizations to take advantage of this valuable opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of Veterans, service members, and their families. Together, we can build stronger and more supportive communities.

For more information on the Suicide Prevention Community Based Services Grant and the eligibility criteria, please visit Suicide Prevention Community-based Services Grant Account