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Nov. 12, 2014 Veterans Day Message from Governor Inslee

Published: 11/14/2014

Yesterday morning, it was my honor to join veterans for a ceremony to honor all those who served our nation in the armed forces. Many of those at the ceremony were also members of our hardworking, dedicated, world-class state employee workforce. To our state employee veterans and to every veteran: Thank you.

Yesterday was a particularly special Veterans Day because it also was… read more

Governor Meets with Veteran and Non-Profit Leaders

Published: 10/29/2014

On October 29, Governor Inslee spent time talking with Veterans Leaders and Leaders of Non-Profit Organizations that serve veterans in Washington State.  The conversation focused on the topics of veteran homeless and housing, veterans employment and transition, and veterans involved in the justice system. 

Left to Right: Jim Baumgart, Ted Wizorek, Ann Reiter, Alan Brown, Mike… read more

VA Eliminates Veterans’ Annual Financial Reporting Requirement (Means Test)

Published: 09/02/2014

Beginning in March 2014, most Veterans will no longer be required to complete the annual financial assessment known as a Means Test. Instead, VA will receive income information from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Social Security Administration (SSA), and will contact the Veterans only if the information received indicates a change in their VA health benefits may be appropriate. However… read more

Making a Year of Service the American Way of Life

Published: 09/02/2014

In March, 2014 WDVA’s VetCorps joins the Nation’s Leading National Service Organizations in a campaign to show how AmeriCorps members are making an impact on some of our nation’s toughest issues.  From disaster relief and veteran reintegration to college access and childhood nutrition, AmeriCorps has engaged writers and producers in Hollywood who are ready to tell these stories. Our goal is… read more

WDVA Partnership with Thurston County Veterans Court Celebrates Five Years of Success

Published: 09/01/2014


Five Years of Veterans Court Success Celebrated Throughout July
Public invited to special court presentations each Wednesday in July 
As Thurston County District Court judges and staff began planning for the fifth anniversary of the Veterans Court program this July, they noticed that the 2014 calendar had a lucky little… read more

Veterans WCC Crews Remove Debris from Remote Beaches

Published: 08/28/2014

Thank you to Liam Antrim and Chiggers Stokes for sharing this article about Veterans on the Washington Conservation Crew cleaning our beaches here in Washington!
Check out some additional Internship opportunities at http://www.dva.wa.gov/internships.html

Veterans WCC Crews Remove Debris from Remote Beaches
by Liam… read more

Three Month Old Program Making Difference for Veterans and South Sound Prairies

Published: 08/27/2014

Planting career seeds in environmental field
By Alexandra Kocik
Northwest Guardian

Northwest Guardian

Environmental intern Forrest Edelman, a former Airman with the 5th Combat Communicationa Group, harvests prairie grass seeds Aug. 4 at Shotwells Landing Nursery near Rochester.
More information For more information or to sign up visit… read more

VetBikes – Putting Old Bikes to Good Use

Published: 08/12/2014


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

VetBikes – Putting Old Bikes to Good Use


VetBikes – Putting Old Bikes to Good Use

by… read more

WDVA goes to the dogs

Published: 07/24/2014

WDVA goes to the dogs
Conference focuses on service dogs and veterans
By Melanie Casey Reprinted from www.Northwestmilitary.com  July 24, 2014 http://www.northwestmilitary.com/veterans/health/2014/07/wdva-goes-to-th...
Most of us have… read more